Keeping it Real

Keeping it Real

  • Nya Alemayhu
  • 08/16/22

Hello Friend,

The dog days—or for me, the Max and Milo days— of summer have arrived and it’s definitely time for the pool or beach. But for those involved in the home-buying process, it’s also time for home inspections—or at least preparing for one.
There was an interesting article in The Washington Post last week about how times have changed in the home inspection world.  How today, “the typical inspection report might note dozens of deficiencies. The buyer then needs to decide what to do with that information. Some real estate contracts might limit the home inspection clause to ‘major mechanical’ issues and specifically, exclude cosmetic or even routine items from the home inspection. And, yet, homebuyers often request that the seller fix all of the items in the report or provide a cash credit for the home’s deficiencies.”
It wasn’t always like that. And with sellers in the driver’s seat right now, it may revert to the time when buyers just had to foot the bill. Here’s my current philosophy: If you really like a property, get an inspection *BEFORE* you submit an offer.
I’m fortunate to have a great inspector at my disposal—Richard Brown, at Pro-Tec Inspections. But there are many qualified inspectors out there. (I can help connect you with Richard or another one.) But these inspections are vital, especially with an older property.

Hey Nya, how is the market?

The Condo market is coming back to life!

We are noticing property prices dropping, the market slowing down for the summer season, and interest rates remaining stable at just below 3%.

The market is still competitive, yet the fever has broken. This may be a good time for buyers to stay vigilant while other buyers are tired and quitting their search.

When in doubt, work with the known entities:
1) interest rates are stable.
2) Inventory is coming on the market daily
3) While others are pausing their search, it is a great opportunity for those determined to find their home to stay in the game.

What am I LOVING right now?  The Wharf.

How does Wednesday night at The Wharf sound? From 7-9 pm during the summer, you might hear reggae, R&B, Celtic rock, Motown, or country while drinking margaritas and facing a brilliant sunset on the perfectly situated Transit Pier. You can even chill on Cantina Bambina’s second-floor terrace—and listen to groups like the David Thong Band this Wednesday night, Jarreau Williams Experience on July 7, and the 19th Street Band on July 21. No reservations are required. Check out the full schedule here.
On Thursdays, you can amble onto the Transit Pier again, this time for the outdoor movies. They're free but you need reservations. On July 1 tickets open up for the very funny Girls Trip playing on July 22. Apollo 13, playing this Thursday, and the great film “42” with the late Chadwick Boseman on July 15, are “sold out,” but they release any seats not claimed by 8 pm. See the movie schedule here.

Lifestyle: Home, Health, & Wellness Tips.

FOR YOUR HOME: I first met Liz Piren during my Level 1 Reiki training. She is so gentle in spirit, that I was drawn to her to teach me an ancient practice, as well as her ways of being. I found out along the lines that she makes these flower essence sprays.
The Flower Essences of Misiones consist of flowers native to Misiones, Argentina, and from other parts of the world. They consist of flowers diffused in purified water. Flower essences help bring harmonization of energy and balance. This particular spray can be used for self-protection or to bring protection and cleansing to a room or space. I use it on my linens after making the bed, on myself before I leave the house, and for a pick-me-up during the day.

Get yours here!
FOR YOUR HEALTH & WELLNESS: Yoga is BACK! There is yoga every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Sunday mornings on The Wharf piers. It’s $10 a class. Register here. If you prefer pilates, check out one of THE nicest spots in the city, the roof of the House of Sweden, for their 6:30 am session. July 8 is filled but Aug. 12 is still available! Only $5. Register here.

Teaching yoga has always fed my soul and it's time for me to return to that. I have started teaching yoga one-on-one again to those who are vaccinated and comfortable with someone in their home or in their outdoor space. You can schedule a session with me here!

Wisdom from Max the Maltese

Max has all sorts of non-verbal wisdom that I am fortunate to receive from him daily. This month Maxie says, “Mommy always says, life is much sweeter when you are generous toward others. When I go for walks with Mommy, Uncle Machar, and Milo, I see people without dogs. They often want to pet me and Milo. I love that. Even though we are turning a corner, we want to make sure we don't leave anyone behind. Not everyone has a big family like I'm lucky to have; they might be alone or might have even lost someone in the last 18 months. Be especially generous this summer with your smile, your time, and your love. Pay good deeds forward. We are still all in this together."

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